How to Pick the Right Bank for Your Business (SME)

The big question is how do you decide? First step, compile a list of all the services you want from a bank. Are you looking for low fees, easy credit, an SME loan, convince, good service, good rate etc or a combination of these and other services? Now rank the items in order of importance, and start shopping.

At each bank, ask for the business banker, that's usually the loan officer assigned to commercial customers and are better well vested with commercial products than anyone in the bank. Talk through your priorities. Then ask two key questions:
1) How high a lending limit can they authorize without needing approval from higher authority within the bank?
2) Do they offer SME loans, and all terms and conditions and support including entrepreneurial training? (And if you're serious about taking out a SME loan, look for banks that are preferred by most SME and start up and have track record of providing such loans) The answers will give you a good indication of how much the bank wants to work with you.