We always asking ourselves,
- I have an empty bank account, where did my money go?
- I thought this month I would be able to afford all my commitments!
- Why does my money never last to the end of the month, yet I still have bills to pay and debts to settle?
These questions can be tormenting and bring one to the verge of being stressed.

It is important for one to manage their finances and learning to budget is one of those skills one can learn to do to manage their finances properly. A budget allows one to take control of their finances by;
- Planning for the future
- Recording current spendings
- Reviewing past spendings
The more time one takes working on their budget the easier and accurate it will become.

You will forget fewer things, you will definitely know where your money went and soon you will find your money going further. This will help in minimising financial emergencies and more money for savings. You will have peace of mind and will not be hiding from anyone.