A savings account may well be the most unappreciated feature created in the financial management world. For many people the idea of putting money in a bank and compared to seeing it on their bed when they sleep or feeling the weight of the money in their wallet is less desirable option and it is one that continues to see them complaining about money problems at crucial times during the month.

The friend you see every month who is always willing to borrow you money when you down and out is not producing miracle money they have a savings account. Whether they are part of a money lending or savings group commonly known as a Motshelo or whether they are just generally kind individuals rest assured they have a depository for some of their money. He or she may have a stop order in place to transfer money from their current account to savings account. They may even do the deposits manually but at the end of the day their finances are in order.

Don’t forget your future is shaped by your past. When we are sitting under a tree somewhere it is because of a tree that someone chose to plant, it is imperative that you see the long-term vision of the money that you have today. When you have money the natural instinct is to use as instantly as it arrived. Hordes people que at banks and ATM’s on payday to often withdraw money for entertainment and pleasure that have been able survive without for weeks leading to pay day. Entertainment and leisure are meant to be enjoyed but not at the expense of bills and your general living.� You have paid for satellite bill and have stocked your fridge with every brand of beer imaginable but you are hoping to survive on half a tank of petrol for the rest of month. This makes no sense.

Allowing money to rest in your account is always a good thing as you become prepared for any unexpected emergency that may occur. You never know when you may have a car breakdown or a leak in your celling. Imagine the ideal business opportunity presents itself but you do not have enough money to get yourself going. What is also important is being consistent with your saving, imagine that new 50 inch TV you have been saving for is put on offer on a discounted price but you lost your one chance to purchase it based on your lack of discipline or eagerness to go on spending spree the previous month instead of depositing money into your savings account.

When you put money into saving you are entrust yourself to only resort to extreme measures for using the money. A cash jar is good idea for loose change but a savings account does not lie around the house. It is isolated from your everyday and does not wave its flashy self in your dace enticing you to use. Start saving and do it the automated way and plan for a brighter future.