Save on Eating, Coffee and Petrol

The price we pay to get from place to place is often overlooked as a necessity and one that Batswana don’t mind as long as the end justifies the means. However some common necessities can even be managed financially to ensure you save more money. Below are 3 areas of our daily lives we could

Dinner Dates

In American culture they have what is called a Host a potluck where everyone brings their favourite dish. The more friends you have, the more money you are going to spend whilst out on lunch dates, birthday parties and gifts. Switch it up and, instead of meeting over a fancy dinner, host a potluck and have everyone bring his or her favourite dish. In this manner you can save money you'd spend on restaurant extras, such as tipping the waiter and parking valet and more importantly you'll usually have a more intimate meal together with your friends sharing a meal over food you all enjoy


Car Pooling is another effective method of saving money, Get into the habit of saving petrol by making sure you save money by saving on petrol money. Find A neighbour whom you share a common destination perhaps you both work in the same area, perhaps your kids attend the same school. Rotate driving duties between the two of you and optimize on saving.


We all love going to coffee shops and drinking delicious organic coffee, we would even leave our bedside before even being ready for the day and head to the nearest coffee shop for some coffee. But the truth is coffee a cup of coffee at your nearest coffee shop every day will hurt your pocket unless. So try a new approach and allow yourself to take a few weeks to stay away from coffee at cafés, and make it at home and save not only coffee at inflated price but also on petrol.


Remember all areas of your life can be financially managed, from internet bills to cleaning services the key is to take initiative and find new measures that still keep you financial stable and complete the job they are intended to do.