Botswana Savings Bank Launches A Special Savings Promotion

In keeping with its mandate of stimulating a culture of saving, Botswana Savings Bank is proud to bring to the market, the Special Savings Promotion (SSP). Targeted at individual depositors and businesses, this special savings feature gives customers a chance to reap great rewards on their savings.

For a limited time of three months only (October to December), businesses and individuals of all income groups in Botswana will be able to make a minimum deposit of P25, 000 for an investment duration of 1 – 2 years and enjoy tax free interest rate.

A year deposit account holder will be able to reap the rewards of 4.5% interest rate and that of two years will reap 5.5%. Moreover, with zero maintenance fees customers are guaranteed to reap the rewards of their deposits.

Speaking about the promotion, Bomolemo Selaledi, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Botswana Savings Bank mentioned that everything about the special savings promotion was made comprehensive and it aligns to the Botswana Savings Bank's smooth banking mantra.

"The strategy of mobilizing savings is very core to Botswana Savings Bank's mandate. Therefore, this promotion is primarily targeted at encouraging our customers to save with an added value on the offering to ensure customers derive great benefits at the end." she further reiterated.

The BSB Special Savings Promotion will be rolled out through various activations across the BSB branches and targeted customer engagement platforms throughout the period of three months.