Product Features
  • Accessible to employers of qualifying organizations
  • Repayment period is 20 years
Entry Requirements
  • Should be a citizen with a valid Omang and also a Government employee or an employee of a qualifying Parastatal
  • Loan interest rate is at prime rate minus 0.25%
  • Arrangement fee is 1%, Min:P600, Max:P950.00
How do I apply for an Guaranteed Residential Property Scheme?
Step 11

Step 1

Confirm whether your organization has guaranteed motor vehicle and mortgage scheme with BSB. (Facility offered to all Government employees).
Step 22

Step 2

Where scheme is available, check with employer on how much you qualify for.
Step 33

Step 3

Fill and submit the signed application form together with account opening requirements and submit at your place of employment for assessment and approval.
Step 44

Step 4

An approved application form will be forwarded to the Bank for loan disbursements.
Have any questions ?
1 How long does it take to have a housing loan released?
The release of funds at BSB takes at most 2 days provided all the necessary documents are availed.