Product Features
  • Minimum loan amount is P1, 000.00 and maximum is P100,000.00
  • Repayable over 48 months
  • All savings as security
Entry Requirements
  • Applicant should be a holder of Save-As-You-Earn, Thobo or Sesigo Savings Account
  • The balance in Save-As-You-Earn, Thobo or Sesigo Savings Account should constitute 60% of the loan amount
  • Loan interest rate is at prime plus 5%
  • Arrangement fee is 1%, Min:P250.00, Max:P600.00
How do I apply for an Ipelegeng Personal Loan?
Step 11

Step 1

Confirm with the bank on how much you qualify for.
Step 22

Step 2

Fill and sign application forms or fill in the form online. Please download supporting documents.
Step 33

Step 3

Submit the signed forms together with account opening documents at a BSB consultant for processing. A transactional account is mandatory for loan processing.
Step 44

Step 4

After 2 working days loan will be approved and funds transferred into your transactional account.
Have any questions ?
1 Who qualifies for Ipelegeng Loan?
Account holders for Special Savings and Thobo Savings/SAYE accounts can use the balance in their accounts as collateral for Ipelegeng Loan. However, individuals with a reasonable balance in their Ordinary Savings accounts are also considered.
2 Are old people also eligible for Ipelegeng loan?
Yes in accordance with the above conditions on who qualifies for Ipelegeng Loan.