BSB Visa Debit Card

Welcome to the World of Card with Botswana Savings Bank. BSB welcomes you on board its very first Visa Chip & Pin Debit Card

The BSB Visa Debit Card offers you convenience, reliability and the flexibility you deserve. This latest addition will make accessing your money from your BSB Accounts easy and hassle free

  • Transactional account that earns interest of 0.35% on credit balance
  • Inter account transfer within the BSB
  • Link to BSB savings accounts
  • Secure global access to your money safe and convenient payments at over 29million merchants worldwide
  • Get cash at over 1.5 million ATM’s
  • SMS notification for all transactions
  • Free monthly statements
Accidental Hospital Cash Back Cover
  • If an insured life is hospitalised due to an accident they will be paid the benefit amount chosen to the insured life for every full day (24 hours) spent in hospital for a maximum of 180 days
Personal Accident Cover
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • In the event of the accidental death of a Botswana Savings Bank accountholder the benefit amount will be paid to the nominated beneficiary
  • Accidental Disability Benefit
  • In the event of the accidental disability of a Botswana Savings Bank accountholder the benefit amount, will be paid to the accountholder
  • The benefits are compulsory to all active Botswana Savings Bank accountholder. *Terms and conditions apply*
How do I activate my Visa Debit Card?
Step 11

Step 1

Step 22

Step 2

Insert any four-digit number of your choice
Step 33

Step 3

Follow instructions on how to create a new pin
Safety Tips
  • Please sign the back of your card
  • Memorise your Pin
  • Inform us if your mobile number changes to secure your SMS notification
  • Keep your card in a safe place
  • DO NOT share your Pin with anyone
  • DO NOT write down the Pin anywhere
  • DO NOT use your ATM Pin when purchasing over the internet
  • DO NOT forget to report your card lost or stolen to our Call Centre

Call the following number to report lost or stolen cards (+267) 3167279