BSB joined hands with the northerners in commemorating the Youth Empowerment Against Crime and HIV/AIDS 5th Jubilee at Jackalas No.2

Botswana Savings Bank (BSB) joined hands with the northerners in commemorating the Youth Empowerment Against Crime and HIV/AIDS 5th Jubilee at Jackalas No.2. This is a BSB sponsored event which is also organized by North East Tribal Administration, Botswana Police Cluster A in collaboration with villages of cluster A (Themashanga, Jacklas No. 2, Siviya, Mabudzane, and Tsamaya), with the view to reduce the spread of Crime and HIV/Aids amongst the youth.In his welcome remarks Kgosi Jackalas was excited in hosting this dazzling event at his kgotla. He was optimistic that his subjects would learn a lot from the day's proceedings. For his part Project Coordinator Hon. Councilor Reginald Mudongo said that the Youth Empowerment Against Crime and HIV project provided the youth with a window of opportunity to repent and live a new life. Mudongo revealed a tangible decrease in crime statistics since project inception in 2007. He further said that the project has unified most villages in the northern region, making it easier to combat crime and introduce other noble programs. He thanked Botswana Savings Bank for remaining resolute in sponsoring the Youth Empowerment Against Crime and HIV/AIDS for five (5) years. When officially opening the event, Nyangagwe Hospital Manager, Dr. Setso Setso, speaking on behalf of the Minister of Health said that he was disturbed by the escalating rate of HIV/AIDS which affects the youth ranging from 15 to 39 years of age. "This is a highly productive segment that is expected to contribute positively to the economy and reduce the level of poverty. In addition, this is the same group that could be developed and exported to other countries for the generation of our country's foreign exchange." Dr. Setso emphasized. Dr. Setso said that his Ministry is devoted to assist Government in realizing zero new infections by 2016, no discrimination on HIV/AIDS and have zero HIV/AIDS related death. He said that part of this will be realized through encouraging the affected youth to utilize ARVs in prolonging their life span. Mr. Setso said that parents should exercise a collective effort in teaching their children good morals. In his conclusion, Dr. Setso encouraged the residents to fully utilize the services of Nyangagwe Hospital. He said that Government has purchased a High-tech machine which makes it easy to diagnose various diseases and link with experts across the world in case of difficulty.