Botswana Savings Bank Soon to Open New Doors in Hukuntsi

In it's continuous drive to expand its footprint and make banking services more accessible to Batswana, Botswana Savings Bank is soon to open a new Branch in Hukuntsi. The co-branded branch will service Hukuntsi and the surrounding villages in Kgalagadi north district, offering a wide range of savings and loans solutions.

Last year BSB installed an ATM in Hukuntsi, which is currently the only ATM in the village and the area, making financial services a lot more accessible and life easy for the residents in the surrounding villages. The current provision of a physical branch is core to Botswana Savings Bank's footprint and distribution strategy of exploring new distribution channels that will enable the bank to extend services to all clients throughout the country.

"The Bank is continuously exploring ways to put in place distribution channels for the delivery of financial services in Botswana, as a way of extending its outreach, banking the unbanked segment and maximizing its brand visibility," states Nixon Marumoloa, CEO of Botswana Savings Bank.

BSB's presence in Hukuntsi is also aligned to the Bank's financial inclusion strategy, with the objective of widening & improving access to financial services to build a more inclusive economy.