BSB donates computers to Sebina and Mathagwane Primary Schools to support educational cause

Strongly guided by its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that supports educational causes, Botswana Savings Bank (BSB) handed over eight computers to Mathangwane and Sebina Primary Schools in the Shashe West constituency last July.

BSB, the architects of smooth banking, chose to invest in the donation of computers to the two learning institutions, as the financial institution recognizes that Botswana needs collaborative efforts in promoting and supporting government’s drive for Information Communication Technology (ICT) development in the country’s educational sector.

In his keynote remarks at the computers’ handover ceremonies at both Mathangwane and Sebina villages, BSB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Nixon Marumoloa said his ban executes its CSR through identifying various projects, enriching and uplifting the lives of many people in need across Botswana.

According to Mr. Marumoloa, giving back to the community remains a priority for BSB and the financial institution that prides in mobilizing the nation to save as well as providing inclusive financial services, will continue to advocate for community involvement throughout the country.

"It is not doubt that at BSB, we value education and that we are behind the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, as it drives its mandate of providing quality knowledge based education and training to facilitate economic growth and global competitiveness, " he said.

Mr. Marumoloa said it is BSB’s belief that greater access, utilization and integration of ICT, as a means to improve teaching and learning is a key strategy linked to improving learning outcomes and standard of living.

Access to computers at an early age is imperative and will therefore enhance government’s objective of meeting the National Development Plans (NDPs), he said. He expressed optimism that the computers will make a significant contribution towards enhancing the government’s objective of meeting the NDPs.

"Government is also committed to the implementation of the national ICT policy that would position the country for sustained growth in the digital age by serving as a key catalyst in achieving social, economic, political and cultural transformation in the country, " he said.

When receiving the computers on behalf of Sebina Primary School, its schoolhead Mrs. Segametsi Dithologo expressed gratitude for the gift of computers donated to her learning institution.

"Globally, a computer is a driving instrument necessary for the development of every nation, " said Mrs. Dithologo, adding that on behalf of the Sebina community, Sebina Primary School and indeed on her own behalf sincerely appreciated this noble gesture.

"Both our teachers and learners will take advantage to research and be part of the global village using the computers, " she said. Mrs. Dithologo said BSB has met her school halfway and eased their day to day institutional activities, as lack of computers proved to be one of the notable challenges.

For her part, Mathangwane Primary School head Mrs. Alice Connie Sitale said the school and the entire community have been praying and dreaming about donation of computers. "We have long prayed and dreamt about this day (of donation), " said Mrs. Sitale with a beaming smile.

Mrs. Sitale said the computers have been handed over at the opportune time when the school experienced a slight decline in Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results. In 2015, the school posted an impressive 81.9 percent and dropped to 81.3 percent in 2016 before recording 69.9 percent last year.

Deliberating his vote of thanks, Assistant Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister Honorable Fidelis Molao said the government cannot afford to rollout the drive for ICT development in schools.

"The government needs augmentative support from the private sector. But for the private sector to be anxious in assisting the government, the schools must reciprocate with excellence, " encouraged Honorable Molale.