Botswana Savings Bank Donates Assembly Area To Mphinyane Primary School

Botswana Savings Bank, a government owned bank with six branches across the country has a mandate to encourage savings among Batswana and provide affordable financial solution. BSB with its robust Corporate Social Responsibility led it to the village of Mafungo-Hubona at Mphinyane Primary School where it donated an Assembly Area.

The BSB corporate Social Responsibility policy continues to support efforts made by the Education sector identifying various projects, enriching, and uplifting the lives of many people in need across Botswana. While at the same time support is offered to promote education, arts & culture, sports and social and welfare development, this was revealed by Thatayaone Gabaraane, Deputy Board Chairman of the Botswana Savings Bank while officially handing over the Assembly Area to the Minister of Basic Education, Hon. Fidelis Molao and Motlalepula Makhila, the school head.

The Assembly Area is named Lecha Assembly Area, after BSB’s most popular Lecha personal loan. The word Lecha, is a Setswana word that signifies the abundance of water.
Hon Fidelis Molao while appreciating the gift from BSB said, “The gesture demonstrated by BSB to construct an assembly area will motivate both the teachers and students of Mphinyane school as they would realize that despite the challenged alluded due to Covid-19 pandemic, education still forms part of the society, government and private companies priority”.

While receiving the donation, Makhila thanked BSB and said that the Lecha Assembly Area will motivate them as teachers and students to work hard in maintaining their academic excellence reputation.

During the same event, BSB donated 50 masks to Mphinyane students and the Chief Executive Officer, Nixon Marumoloa plated a tree in the school as a symbol of continued relations between the school and BSB.

Gabaraane urged the school management to take care of Lecha Assembly Area so that it benefits both the school and the community.