Product Features
  • Minimum opening balance is P1000
  • Interest payable on the account is tax free
Entry Requirements
  • Valid proof of birth certificate or passport for persons below 18 years of age
  • Omang and passport for citizens and foreigners respectively
How do I apply for an Fixed Deposit Account?
Step 11

Step 1

Print, fill and sign account opening form under downloadable.
Step 22

Step 2

Submit the signed forms together with account opening documents at BSB consultant/enquiries for account opening
Step 33

Step 3

You will be issued with an account number to effect depositing of fixed amount.
Step 44

Step 4

If payment is by EFT you will be issued with a BSB savings collection account and Fixed Deposit account number used as reference. Immediately after depositing a customer will be issued with Certificate of Deposit.
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