Product Features
  • Minimum monthly contribution is P200
  • 12 to 60 months deduction
  • The interest earned is 1.25% to 2.00% annually
  • The interest earned is tax free
  • Continuation of savings after maturity is allowed
  • Rollover is encouraged
  • The accumulated balance on the account offers security for an Ipelegeng Personal Loan facility
Entry Requirements
  • Omang and passport for citizens and foreigners respectively
  • Account attracts no charges
How do I apply for an Save-As-You-Earn?
Step 11

Step 1

Print, fill and sign account opening form under downloadable.
Step 22

Step 2

Submit the signed forms together with account opening documents at BSB consultant/enquiries for account opening and issuing of passbooks.
Step 33

Step 3

After first instalment you will receive a letter/ stipulating the commencement period and maturing date.
Have any questions ?
1 Is it possible to rollover SAYE after maturing?
Rollovers are allowed provided the information to do so reaches the bank in good time before sending the cheque to the owner.
2 Does the bank charge customers for operating SAYE since what is always shown are figures in favour of the customer and nothing is usually shown as to how much has been deducted for the service provided?
There are no charges for SAYE.
3 Who should have SAYE?
Any person is eligible to open the account. Self-employed customers are required to ensure that they submit monthly instalments either at BSB or the nearest post office continuously without fail as the contract stipulates.
4 Can parents open an account for their children?
Yes, parents are allowed to open accounts for their children as a way of also encouraging them to save.
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